Reviews and Testimonials

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Mr. and Mrs. Pit make you feel like part of the family


Our Simon has been attending CAC 3-4 days a week since Oct 2018, and he’s a happy, well socialized pup! Mr. Pit and family are wonderful with Simon. We know when we drop him off for CAC or boarding, there’s no need to worry, he’s well taken care of and has a great time. Customer Service is top notch as well. If we have any questions, communication is quick and friendly. Mr. and Mrs. Pit make you feel like part of the family. We’re grateful to have found a fun, safe environment for our sweet boy.

Reuben & Brandi G.

We love the family atmosphere at Mr. Pit


It’s hard to put into words how much we appreciate Mr. Pit and his staff. When we first got our Pitbull mix, Taffy, she was very reactive toward the other dogs sometimes crossing the line to aggressive behavior. Mr. Pit took time with her, carefully teaching her how to interact properly and choosing compatible playmates for her. Now she loves to play with the other dogs and especially with Mr. Pit himself. In addition, he often takes individual time with the dogs in his care to keep their minds occupied and their bodies exercised. We love the family atmosphere at Mr. Pit’s and the way he and his staff care for the dogs as if they were their own. I never worry about Taffy when she’s with Mr. Pit.

Joe & Dale T.

Within minutes we watched our dog relax and obey Mr. Pit


We adopted a 6-month-old working-line German Shepherd that had major reactivity towards other dogs. On our walks, our pup reacted by jumping up and down, barking and lunging the moment he saw other dogs. Even though we had a strong hold of him and would re-direct him, people looked terrified. Meanwhile at home, our pup is very obedient and so sweet while our older Chihuahua (about a tenth of his size) rules the house.

We tried board/train and trainers of various backgrounds that “specialized” in behavior modification. While our dog became very obedient to commands in a controlled environment, the trainers used techniques that did not help with our dog’s reactivity at all.

We had been living closer to Fort Worth and recently moved to Frisco and had our pup attend a doggy daycare (not this place). At first, he was great running and playing with the other dogs, but by the sixth visit, he was kicked out for herding all the dogs. He didn’t bite or show aggression, but he wouldn’t stop herding the dogs (in other words, our dog was bored without structure and needed a job). The staff was worried the larger dogs wouldn’t like that and could potentially bite our dog.

We thoroughly searched Google/Nextdoor/Facebook/Yelp and asked neighbors for a highly reputable dog behaviorist and trainer. All searches and conversations led us to Mr. Pit Frisco. We scheduled an assessment with Mr. Pit (Rafael). Mr. Pit took time going over our initial dog report, asked us questions and evaluated our pup and us as owners.

He took our pup and us outside and showed us how to correct our pup’s dog reactivity using a different style leash and technique that actually worked. Literally within minutes, we watched our normally high-strung and very reactive dog relax and obey Mr. Pit all while other dogs were nearby! We couldn’t believe it. Mr. Pit then took time having us walk our pup by other dogs and taught us the correct leash usage and techniques. He made it so simple!

Our pup now attends their adventure camp at Mr. Pit’s location. Mr. Pit and Irma work with our pup to get him mentally and physically engaged. Our pup’s behavior has changed for the better – he comes home calm and relaxed, which isn’t easy for a young working-line German Shepherd. We can now take our dog on walks without the fear of running into other dogs.

We cannot thank Mr. Pit and Irma enough!!

Teresa B.

Baxter absolutely loves Rafael


I cannot say enough about Rafael and Irma! My dog, Baxter is a rescue and quite an anxious dog and struggles with confidence issues and separation anxiety. Since we started taking Baxter to Mr. Pit Frisco last May Baxter is a new dog! He is more confident than ever and continues to get better every week. We can even leave him in his kennel now!

Baxter absolutely loves Rafael and can’t wait to get out of the car to greet him when we do our drop off. Even though Baxter has yet to play with a dog at the adventure camp he loves going there. LOL

I am so happy I found Mr. Pit. He has changed my family’s life for the better.

Baxter’s Mom

Mr. Pit and his fabulous crew are the absolute best!

Daisy and Ziggy

Mr. Pit and his fabulous crew are the absolute best! We trust them with our fur babies at least 3 days a week! We love him because our babies area in a safe and fun environment where they can play without becoming overwhelmed by a large pack of dogs with little supervision. Our Daisy had been “dismissed” from 2 other daycares because she would become so overwhelmed by too many dogs. At Mr. Pit’s Canine Adventure Camp, our dogs are closely supervised and are loved as if they are at home. Daisy and Ziggy get so excited when we get the stoplight to turn onto Mr. Pit’s street because they know they are going to have a great day. I can focus on my clients throughout the day because I am not worried about them and I am not in a time crunch to get home and let them out. The best part of sending our babies to Mr. Pit is when they get home! They are tired and just want to cuddle with us on the couch. Thank you Mr. Pit and crew!

Angelia E.